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Thinking About Enrolling?

Thinking About Enrolling?

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Colearn Academy

Colearn Academy is an accredited, virtual school that works with families to personalize a learning plan for each student and build a sense of community among students, parents, and faculty.

Colearn Academy accepts students nationwide. Students residing in Arizona can enroll tuition free as public charter school students.

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Choose your own path

At Colearn, we work with every student and parent to find the curriculum and learning style that works for them. Want to learn about dance? Coding? We'll help you! Is normal school not working for you? We'll help you! Ready to take college classes? We'll help you!

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Be part of our community

Not only do students have the opportunity to connect with peers, but parents also find support and a sense of community. Whether it's joining one of Classical Communities or enjoying online enrichment clubs and classes, we make sure students and parents have a place they feel they belong.

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Get the support you need to thrive

With our outstanding team of certified teachers, specialized instruction, and amazing resources, your child will have the support he needs to thrive. We offer 1:1 tutoring, live instruction, special education services, academic coaching, reading intervention, and much more to ensure that all students are successful in their educational journey.

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